...Offers a sensible strategy for kids, kindergarten through second grade, to avoid
    By Kenneth Carter (Ph.D./Psychology)...
...HiLighted by KWDees:

    Using a talking calculator and a spelling checker, combined with some basic, easily-learned material, kids can quickly achieve confidence and satisfaction in working with numbers and words.  With a running start, they can cross the early barriers which too often frighten and alienate young learners.

....Mistaken beliefs on which conventional K-2 instruction tends to be based:
Use of a calculator is “cheating”.  (“Easy” is bad.)
Use of a spelling checker is bad.  ([all]-Spellings are to be memorized.)

In reality, calculators and spelling checkers, creatively used, are effective tutors.

    Memorization is a necessary and appropriate way to master a basic vocabulary and some basic mathematical relationships.  The Talking Calculator and SpellChecker adopted by TutorU are powerful tools for achieving this basic level. But more importantly, these tools facilitate movement of the young learner into more complex mathematical and linguistic levels — levels.where straight memorization becomes forbiddingly difficult.