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Black Holes are "nothing"... Black Stars are "something"

* * *
Black Stars
(4 Italian Scientists recently "introduced" Black Star)

   The reason that we know about "Black Stars" __
is that their Gravity can be measured.
Light-photons can't "Escape" from Black Stars(!!).
Newton's "Escape Velocity Formula"...
...is: (2GM/r)^.5
...where G is Newton's Gravitational Constant __
m is the inertia mass of the star __
and r is its radius.
* * *
Light Photons from Stars __ slow down __
and their velocity[dL/t] __ is measured by __
the Hubble Red ShiftSSS...
<==a BIG, B-I-G... Surprise(!!).

   "LIGHT" contains PHOTONS (which arePARTICLES)