Lorena Jessop (UC-DavisGraduate Student, in Linguistics) became interested in my "Table-PH" of TypeablePhonemic English."
...and in my: "Useful Tools in Language and Communication."
...hence Lorena's letter that follows.
February, 2000. I, Lorena Jessop, am a graduate student in Linguistics at UC-Davis (get my MA in June, 2000). Core courses in phonetics and ethnography of the classroom. Tutor ESL, part time.
 ...I have spent more than eight hours in conference with Kert Dees -- proofreading his Phonic-Web-pages... on phonics.
* * *
Kert has these 6-Goals (which I believe would be useful tools in Language/Communication):
    1. Get the American Heritage Talking Dictionary, AHTD, to adopt his Table-PH, of 37-typeable Basic Phonemes/Symbols -- that already match the AHTD Phonemes/Sounds ==> www.TutorU.net/Speech.htm .
    2. Get USA Speech Recognition Programs (like IBM ViaVoice) to adopt AHTD's speech/diction for pronouncing aloud USA-English words. Also: ViaVoice should have a DataBase of English-Words... inSYLL-A-BLES.
    o Then, ORDER of Type-Words N-O-T Important(!!).
    3. Get TV-Networks to Caption with TutorU Phoneme/Symbol words (as an option).
    4. Get parents-and-kids to Email Phonemic English using TutorU Phonemes/Symbols. "Parents helping with schoolwork."
    5. Get TheWeb to adopt TutorU Phonemes/Symbols. Then, "Phonemic English" could, sensibly, become the International 2nd Language ("Inglish"). Global Email, via Phonemic English -- could then be "sensible to Everyone, Everywhere" (==>GLOEBUL INGLISH... CAPLock/ON).
    6. Kert has introduced two (2) useful-innovations in audit-hear/speak<==> read/TYPE-write Communications:
    6a. TutorU's "silent X"; for separating some-syllables: differ=diff.er = DIFXUR; defer=de.fer = DIXFUR. And for separating some blended-vowels: boil=bo-il = BOXIL; coerce=co-erce = KOEXURS; flying=fly-ing = FLIEXING.
    6b. Conversion of Written Roman-English to Spoken Phonemic-English (including alpha-numeric words):
    o Bob is two~ years too~ young to~  vote. (~ denotes UNcertain MEANing).
    o BOB IZ TUE2 YEERZ TUE3 YUNG  TUE4 VOET.(MEANing is in Author's Glossary).
[In 2000, I (KWDees/Kert) registered my Copyright on this WebPage]

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