Need Arithmetic...
...onlyNOT Algebra==>
FUTURE -- Physicians, Dentists, Nurses, Psychologist, Linguists, Biologists, Therapists, Hygienists; Journlists, Actors, Mechanics, Carpenters, Truckers, Gardeners, Cabies, Secretaries, Cooks....
     o So, they should NOT be required to "study Math in Public Schools (at Public Expense)."
    Then, the Math-Talented -- should be given the Very-Best Instructions (in Public-Schools).
     oMetric SystemS should be Standard for all...Not "Rationalized. with 4p"...
<==Math Should beOptional(!!).
...And Parents should decide The Subjects that their K-12 students "TAKE."

     Education should be by "ClasseS" -- not by "Grades."
     oAnyClass, in AnySubject should be "challengable."==>

If Student makes Passing-Grade (...the CLASS can be Skipped).

      TALKing beforeWRITing==>

K-1 Kids should (in Public-Schools) Learn to Read-Aloud -- before Learning to WRITE(!!).

 <==yes: <==PhD/Opinion...